Who Is Going To Win?

    Well I have thought long and hard about this and have moved back and forth over the past few days. I must say I thought I was going to have to predict something I thought I would never have had to say. But the events of the past two days have led me to my final prediction. In the Presidential Election, President George W Bush will win both the Electoral Vote and Popular Vote, thereby remaining president for another four years. The final tally will be as follows:

    Bush 50.0%
    Kerry 48.9%
    Nader 0.7%
    Badnarik 0.4%

    Bush 294
    Kerry 244

    President Bush will carry all 2000 states except for New Hampshire. President Bush will also win Minnesota and Wisconsin which gives him a net 16 EV gain from 2000. In the race for the Senate, every open seat except OK will switch parties and John Thune will defeat Daschle, thereby giving the Republicans a net gain of 3 seats and a 54-45-1 Senate makeup.

    AK – Knowles will beat Murkowski (Dem PU)
    CO – Salazar will beat Beer Man (Dem PU)
    FL – Martinez will beat Castor (GOP PU)
    GA – Isakson will beat Majette (GOP PU)
    IL – Obama will beat Keyes (Dem PU)
    LA – Votter will win Runoff Election (GOP PU)
    NC – Burr will beat Bowles (GOP PU)
    OK – Coburn will beat Carson (Stays GOP)
    SC – DeMint will beat Tennenbaum (GOP PU)
    SD – Thune will beat Daschle (GOP PU)

    I didn’t asl for this in the predictions, but I believe the GOP will pickup two seats in the US House.

    So there you have it, my predictions are on the record for the world to see. Feel free to disagree.

    I will be compiling all of your predictions and will publish a breakdown later today.

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