Bush Continues Surge In Gallup Poll

    The latest CNN/USA Today/Gallup poll has President Bush’s job approval up to 55%. Some of the important numbers from the poll.

    Approve 55%
    Disapprove 42%

    Favorable 60%
    Unfavorable 39%

    Favorable 66%
    Unfavorable 33%

    Favorable 58%
    Unfavorable 40%

    Fair and Sqaure 75%
    Won on Technicality 14%
    Stole It 10%

    Good news all around in teh rest of the numbers as well for BUsh and the Republican party. This poll was done November 19-21.

    Posted by Dave at 5:02 pm
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    24 Responses to “Bush Continues Surge In Gallup Poll”

    1. Beltway Traffic Jam
      The daily linkfest is under construction:
      David Wissing reports that President Bush continues his post-election poll surge.
      Jeff Quinton has insurance for his late truck but, alas, not his present body.
      Kevin Aylward reports on the rise of white ha…

    2. Marc says:

      What would the 14% choosing won on a technicality thinking? Also surprised on 10% of the country think he “stole it”. That means most Dems are not buying the vote fraud crap being perpetuated by the hardcore left.

    3. Go DUKE!!! says:

      Beat Hellybelly!

    4. Ryan says:

      Come on Republicans! We need your help

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    5. Dave G says:

      I can imagine some bitter partisan Dems who refuse to believe that Bush won fair and square, but how the heck does anyone make the comment that he won on a technicality??? What, you mean because the electoral college is a technicality? Because without it, Bush STILL would have won. He won the popular vote! How the…grrr. Lack of logic makes me mad.

    6. hellbelly says:

      An Ode to the New Clinton Library

      We all come to honor fat Bill,
      Who’s Library avoids with great skill,
      The Soiled Blue Dress
      That caused such distress,
      For Democrats, Chelsea and Hill!

    7. lisab says:

      “…He won the popular vote! How the…grrr. Lack of logic makes me mad….”

      bill never had sex with monica either. no, it wasn’t sex. it was his personal business anyway. ken starr had no right. i’m gonna vote for bill anyway.

      oh sorry. i was just reminiscing of the good old days when we could make you reps turn blue with rage. it was a fun time 🙂

    8. pw says:

      I don’t think anyone ever said Clinton had won on a technicality.
      I’ve never seen that way of describing it before.
      By the way, go down to the last thread; hope you like my O.J. update.

    9. lisab says:

      “I don’t think anyone ever said Clinton had won on a technicality.”

      no bill won fair and square. i was just thinking back on how much fun that time was. i can remember getting lectured by reps on how bill had disgraced the presidency etc., it was a fun time. all we had to do is say it “wasn’t sex” (my personal favorite), or “i’m voting for bill because i like him better”. or it was “none of starr’s business”. it used to drive reps berserk. oh, those were the days. 🙂

      sort of like when you guys would wind kim up. any sign of her btw? has she come off the ledge yet?

    10. lisab says:

      “hope you like my O.J. update”

      yeah, i wonder if he really is close to finding the killer? imho all he has to do is look in the mirror.

    11. pw says:

      Who’s Kim?
      Also, I just got a tip from the National Inquirer that looking in the mirror is exactly the advice given to O.J. by the Psychic Friends Network.
      Ain’t that somethin’?:)

    12. lisab says:


      kim was a dem from OHIO who posted here almost every night up until the election. she came about the same time kwame did, and we never heard from her again after the election.

      she once got into a huge fight with rachel over abortion rights here.

      since kerry lost by ohio i’m thinking she must have jumped out the window.

    13. pw says:

      Okay, I got it now.
      I was gone a lot before the election (midterms), but I remember Kwame.
      At least Kwame’s showed up post-election, but I think Ann Coulter has him in a cage at the moment.:)
      I also miss TJS. Very poll-savvy Democrat who was quite fair in his poll analysis.
      I’m actually glad, though; it’s a lot nicer around here.
      Beoore you came, it had gotten so bad that I actually emailed Dave to say that I was taking a break from commenting for a few days.
      He even posted a thread on how bad we (some of us; well, just a few) were acting and how he wasn’t enjoying the comments any more. He even threatened to stop them.
      I think the election was like a taser for some people.

    14. pw says:

      Just got measured; 6’1 1/2″!
      I’ve grown yet again.
      This particular female whom I love is 5’8; glad she’s tall.
      Lisa, how big an issue is height for you?

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