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    Open Thread 04/28/05

    Haven’t had one of these in a few days….

    Posted by Dave at 7:58 am
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    19 Responses to “Open Thread 04/28/05”

    1. GO DUKE!!! says:

      Spineless Republicans!

    2. Justin says:

      Texas A&M University cloned a horse.

    3. ralph says:

      Trivia question of the day. I still smile at David Vitter’s victory in Louisana in 2004. As no republican was elected Senator in that state in all of the 20th century. Which brings up today’s question. What state has gone the longest without electing a republican to the senate?

    4. BillW says:

      West Virginia has not elected a Republican since William Rivercomb won a special election in Novermber, 1956.
      Byrd beat him in 1958 and has been hunkered down in D.C. ever since.
      Jennings Randolph and Rockefeller IV have inhabited the other WV seat.

      Now, when Byrd finally expires from chronic meanness this year or next, the Republicans may have a chance to wipe away the dubious honor they inherited from Louisiana in 2004.

    5. publius says:

      What state has gone the longest without electing a republican to the senate?

      Comment by ralph — 4/28/2005 @ 10:20 am


    6. BillW says:

      Publius – Every state has elected at least one Republican to the Senate.

    7. ralph says:

      Congratulations BillW. West Virginia is it. January 3rd, 1959 was the last day that state had a Republican senator.

      I too show that every state has had a republican senator. Hawaii had Senator Hiram Fong, who died last year at age 98. After Louisiana fell every state has elected a republican senator since the direct election of senators started in 1913.

    8. pw says:

      From yesterday:
      McCain: 5
      SI Conservative: 2

    9. I believe the current best bet for the Republican Party is former Senator Fred Thompson.

      Smart, polished, conservative, and very intelligent. I believe he would have mass appeal to Reagan Demcorats and would anihilate Hillary or who ever the Democratic Party put up.

    10. Neal says:

      THE FACTS?

      Liberals obstruct
      Liberals offer no valid solutions to any problems
      Liberals cower to terrorism
      Liberal whine
      Liberals lose elections!

      Did they learn nothing with Tommy Daschle being sent to, well deserved, oblivion?

      Seems not!

    11. McCain says:

      Thompson would have certainly been a very appealing candidate if he had stayed in politics, the perfect plain-spoken southern/western candidate that always seems to win presidential elections. But his heart just wasn’t in it. Presidents need to be driven.

    12. McCain,

      Good point. I believe that if the right people got behind him early on, he would have a good shot.

      Also, Bush DID NOT want the Presidency at all orginally.

    13. GO DUKE!!! says:

      Where’s Lisab?

    14. Real American says:

      I really want the FCC to investigate why the people who control the public’s airwaves feel they have the right to cut off the President of the United States mid-sentence so they can run Paris Hilton and Donald Trump.

    15. timactual says:

      I want someone to investigate why the well paid media consultants and experts employed by the republicans decided that it would be a good idea to have his first press conference in a year presented by a hostile media during sweeps week, giving them the choice between making money on the one hand or boosting Bush’s agenda on the other. Tough decision.

    16. pw says:

      Real American,
      There’s no law that requires that the press televise the president’s press conferences.

    17. Real American says:

      Obviously not. But the networks do have obligations to serve the public good. Cutting off the president so they can run Donald Trump and Paris Hilton hardly counts.

    18. McCain says:

      Paris Hilton does a lot of public good for me.

    19. timactual says:

      Did we miss anything important? I was watching Trump.