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    Let The MD Senate Campaign Begin

    The Washington Post gets the Democratic primary underway with its first hit piece on Kweisi Mfume.

    Allegations detailed in a confidential NAACP report claim that Kweisi Mfume gave raises and promotions to women with whom he had close personal relationships while he was president of the nation’s oldest civil rights organization.

    The 22-page memorandum, prepared last summer by an outside lawyer, did not accept as true the claims lodged against Mfume by a female employee but determined that they could be “very difficult to defend persuasively” if she filed a lawsuit.

    Apparently The Washington Post feels the same way I do, that Ben Cardin is the stronger candidate for the Democrats, and is going to whatever it can to make sure Kweisi Mfume does not get the nomination. That is the most likely reason for this early ht piece on Mfume, to try and damage his campaign before it can even get started…..

    Posted by Dave at 7:58 am
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    5 Responses to “Let The MD Senate Campaign Begin”

    1. GO DUKE!!! says:

      Anybody home?

    2. GO DUKE!!! says:

      Mfume made the top fold of the Post today. He showed favortism towards woman. According to Bill CLinton that would make him well qualified.

    3. The Mose says:

      I was initially surprised at such a harsh, though entirely deserved, article on Mfume appearing so prominently in the Post, but it dovetails so well with Cardin’s announcement that it’s hard to see it as anything other than an attempt to influence the democratic senate primary. It COULD just be a coincidence, but having watched how the game is played over the last decade or so, I doubt it.

    4. GO DUKE!!! says:

      There is no doubt it is a hidden endorsement.

    5. D.B. Light says:

      I don’t think that the WaPo is consciously trying to affect the race. It just got a juicy story and ran with it. The strings are being pulled by Cardin’s people, or possibly by someone at NAACP who wants to get Kweisi. There was a lot of bad blood spilled over there.