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    Frist Offers Compromise On Judicial Nominations

    First, here is the highlights of the so-called “compromise” on the filibuster for judicial nominees straight of the good doctor’s website.

    Guaranteed up or down votes on judicial nominations.

    – Circuit Court and Supreme Court nominees will receive an up or down vote on the US Senate floor.

    – District Court nominees unaffected – no current problem.

    Guaranteed debate time on judicial nominations.

    – Up to 100 hours of debate which allows all members an opportunity to have their say.

    – This length of debate time was available for members post-cloture until 1986.

    Guaranteed reporting from Judiciary Committee to floor.

    – Process to ensure nominees come to the floor – Senator Arlen Specter “protocols” are model.

    – Committee serves critical investigative and oversight process, and that will continue.

    Guaranteed fairness for Senators and nominees.

    – No blockade at committee.

    – Full and comprehensive debate – with an up or down vote on the Senate floor.

    Guaranteed protection of the legislative filibuster.

    – No changes for legislative matters – all rights of US Senators for legislation preserved.

    I’m not exactly sure how this plan is really any different than the proposed rule change. Okay, so there will be a guaranteed 100 hours of debate, but in the end, every judge will get an up-or-down vote. It just might take a little bit longer than originally planned. Why on earth would the Democrats even think about agreeing to this? Lets face it, the Democrats could care less about the qualifications of the judicial nominees. The 100 hours of debate is absolutely meaningless. The only reason they are “filibustering” the nominees is pure politics, to placate their own base. So in this compromise, I do not see what exactly the Democrats gain politically by agreeing to this.

    I breezed through the transcript of tonight’s briefing and it does not really appear that Presient Bush really had a chance to touch on the so-called “compromises” floating around. The only question I saw about judicial nominations was about the role of “faith” in politics.

    Posted by Dave at 10:43 pm
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    9 Responses to “Frist Offers Compromise On Judicial Nominations”

    1. Real American says:

      As much as I hate giving the Dems credit for anything, they’re running rings around Frist on this issue. When Reid offered his compromise a couple of days ago, he probably knew full well that Frist wouldn’t bite, but at least the proposal seemed at least somewhat fair. This is Frist trying to play catch up, only he’s not offering anything that he can later point at as being a reasonable offer when the Dems turn him down.

      This has me very concerned. I hope this is a badly handled attempt at PR, and not a desperate attempt to appease the Dems to avoid the nuclear option. Because after all we’ve been through on this issue, if Frist backs down from the nuclear option, it’s bad, and if it comes to a vote and it doesn’t get enough votes to pass, it’s a complete and total disaster. Either defeat would mean that it’s time for him to step down as majority leader.

    2. timactual says:

      I read this twice, but I am mystified. What is in this “compromise” for the democrats? I am starting to think that he is doing everything he can to avoid a confrontation. I am close to using the word cowardice. This is, however, what I have come to expect from the establishment republican “leadership”.

    3. publius says:

      This is, however, what I have come to expect from the establishment republican “leadership”.

      Comment by timactual — 4/28/2005 @ 11:17 pm

      If he bends over backwards to grovel to the demos,knowing full well they will reject it,it will be better public relations when he does pull the trigger.(WE TRIED,BUT THE DEMOS WOULDN’T BUDGE SCENARIO)

    4. MikeKS says:

      Why should we compromise? We have 55 Senators adn can force their hand. This whole debate is stupid. Frist and the Pubbies should have pulled the nuclear trigger in January rather than letting this DRAG ON for months. We have the votes, use them.

    5. Real American says:

      I’m not sure we do have the votes. Maybe we did last week, but not since the poll came out. All Dems are going to vote against it, and it’s a fairly safe bet that McCain, Snowe, and Chafee will, too. That just means three more senators have to side with the Dems. If Frist calls this for a vote, he better be absolutely, 100% sure he has the votes, otherwise the political fallout will make Schivo look like child’s play.

    6. publius says:

      it’s a fairly safe bet that McCain, Snowe, and Chafee will, too. ”
      Comment by Real American — 4/29/2005

      If RINO McCain turncoats on this one, he can kiss his pres nom goodby.

    7. timactual says:

      I am getting tired of all the talk about this “critical” subject. If it’s so damned important, then Frist et al. should do something. Otherwise they should shut up and move on. There are certainly other issues that can use their attention. Hot air accomplishes nothing, unless you are a baloon.

    8. timactual says:

      Does anybody remember W groveling when he first entered office? Inviting Kennedy to watch movies at the white house, letting him help write the No Child Left Behind act, etc.? Republicans have tried this look-how-nice-I-am approach for years. It don’t work. And what makes you think he will ever pull the trigger?

    9. publius says:

      Republicans have tried this look-how-nice-I-am approach for years. It don’t work. And what makes you think he will ever pull the trigger?

      Comment by timactual — 4/30/2005

      The”groveling” is just window dressing to show the public once again who the obstructionists are,then we pounce.(they will make one last attempt to confirm a judge the normal way,if and when that judge is filibustered,the nuke will drop).