Well it took four and half long years, but earlier today I finally received my first Instalanche….

    Some of you might be wondering why you were having trouble accessing this site earlier today. At about 2 o’clock, Glenn Reynolds of Instapundit linked to my post about John Edwards’ plea for everyone but himself stop driving SUVs. That single link caused the traffic on this site to surge and forced my hosting company to temporarily suspend my account due to the traffic surge weighing down whatever server I am on. I normally get about 700-900 unique visitors a day. Here is my site meter from today.

    over 1,600 in a single hour. And here it is for the past thirty days.

    This is really going to screw up my average….

    Personally, what my traffic is to this site doesn’t really matter to me, but I used to want to be hit with an Instalanche since I started this site…now I can say I have…Thanks Glenn!

    Posted by Dave at 7:30 pm
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    9 Responses to “INSTALANCHE!”

    1. Cory says:

      I immediately assumed you had forgotten to pay your hosting fee, but upon reflection it just didn’t seem plausible.

      I doubt you’ve been late paying a bill in years… this makes a lot more sense.

    2. DLCLI says:

      I thought it was my “problem” at my new job…Then I cleared out the cookies and what-not and it worked…

    3. Congrats, Dave! It’s like getting an adrenaline shot. Long overdue, IMO.

    4. Anon says:

      I just thought you went over some monthly bandwidth limit (it is near the end of the month, I’ve seen it happen to more than a few sites), but wow, great job.

    5. Melissa says:

      Cool! Congrats.

    6. Bitterlaw says:

      I thought Tim and lisab got into another fight.

    7. James Joyner says:

      I have had a few InstaLanches over the years but none took down my site. Most didn’t yield 6000 uniques, either.

      My first one, back in March 2003 or so, took a site that had been ongoing for about 6 weeks and had amassed a total of 3000 visitors over the 5000 and 10,000 milestones within the course of a 12 hour period. I get bigger spikes than that now on occasion — sometimes, much bigger — but the thrill of the first one never got surpassed.

    8. Furrier says:

      My site once saw a spike from 1 to 3 visitors. Does that count as an instalanche? 🙂