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    Open Thread Monday!

    As Bitterlaw pointed out last night, Brian Westbrook’s intelligent play to take a knee at the one-yard line instead of running into the endzone at the end of yesterday’s game was a pretty smart play, one that was obviously made due to his stellar education from Villanova University….

    And the more I think about the Mitchell Report, the more irate I become about the number of Orioles mentioned in the report. I mean, with that many players using steroids, you’d have thought we would have made at least a couple of playoff appearances and a World Series during the past ten years. Nope, the Orioles can’t even win when they cheat….

    So let’s go back to a happier time for the Orioles, something long-time Orioles’ fans will remember well.

    Yes, Rick Dempsey on vocals and Eddie Murray on the drums…can’t beat that….

    Happy Monday….

    Posted by Dave at 5:12 am
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    44 Responses to “Open Thread Monday!”

    1. Tim V says:

      hi julian, i still have my treasured hedgehog prize you supplid 🙂

    2. Tim V says:

      2 predictions….
      1- the gop nominee will be mccain
      2- us slips into brief and moderate recession in 08

    3. Bonncaruso says:

      Hillary Clinton is climbing again in national DEM polls, including today’s asmussen

    4. Tim V says:

      2 ft of snow here counting drifts

      hiya mbt, elaine is doin fine

    5. JulStol says:

      Mornin Tim V

      Gotta disagree with you on McCain.

      I’ll offer one prediction however, Rudy WON’T be our nominee.

    6. Tim V says:

      you thinkin romney, jul ?

    7. Tim V says:

      one more prediction- lisa b will not stop fuedin w tim uintil he surrenders

    8. MBT says:

      Tim V – good to hear that both of you are doing well – sory to hear about the snow. My old hometowns of Cincy, New Haven and Rochester, NY got hammered – we got rain,

      I’m glad we moved! 🙂

    9. Hellbelly says:

      I’m starting to feel like a bad parent. My boys are all asking me “Dad…why do we root for New York teams (Giants; Mets; Rangers; and the Knicks – sort of) when we live around Boston where all the teams win. All of our friends are making fun of us.”

      I try to explain the value of loyalty and sticking to one’s beliefs even when those beliefs are unpopular, etc. etc..

      But at the end of the day, I’m forced to rely on that old Catholic standby – “Offer it up boys, offer it up”.

      At this rate no one in my family will spend a day in Purgatory.

    10. JulStol says:

      Tim V,

      Romney or Huckabee. If Huck wins IA, SC, and FL he’s our nominee

    11. jones says:

      Umm, Dave…

      I pointed out the smart play. Bitterlaw added the other stuff.

      How about Cecil Cooper at bat. He gave Eddie plenty of time to drum.

    12. JulStol says:

      Fred looked GREAT on Fox and Friends this morning

      #1 Choice is still Huck
      #2 Fred
      #3 Mitt *gag*
      #4 Paul

    13. Bitterlaw says:

      Hellbelly – I’m a Philadelphia fan. You can have some of my suffering, too. With my luck, the Appeals Office will be closed the day I get to Purgatory for a 1000 year week-end.

    14. JulStol says:


      I feel your pain. At least we beat them Cowboys!

    15. Tim V says:

      js, even if huck takes ia,sc, and fl, i still believe he will get torpedoed and NOT be the nominee.

      one other prediction- polaris will soon re-appear as will go duke

    16. JulStol says:

      Maybe even McCain will resurface

    17. Tim V says:

      most definetly, if only to draw additional traffic to his site. i must admit i enjoy the hotties on his right celebrity site

    18. MDefl says:

      Westbrook gave credit to John Runyan and his Michigan education.

    19. MDefl says:

      Romney was decent on Russert yesterday. Too bad it won’t help.

      Rudy is going to need more than a well done video to regain some of his mojo.

    20. MBT says:

      A repeat from the post below – just in case Dave misses it:

      “I’m doing my Redskins Happy Dance!

      Third Woo-hoo!”

      Comment by MBT — 12/17/2007 @ 7:02 am

    21. bio mom says:

      I will never vote for Huckabee now that he has trashed Bush foreign policy in such an unnecessarily cheap shot way. Never. Never. He is dead to me now. And I used to like him although don’t believe he could beat any Democrat. But now I actually may vote for the Democrat if we nominate him. Except for Edwards. If it is Edwards vs. Huckabee I will hope for a third party candidate.

    22. Tim says:

      Tim V:
      Surrender? Never! I ain’t France. LOL
      Great win for the Eagles. (Now, please send my Falcons a coach, offensive line, a decent wide receiver, and a quarterback)

    23. JulStol says:

      Thompson supporters should hope for a Brokered convention. Fred is the only guy I know who could unite everyone.

    24. Tim V says:

      Hi Tim,
      When do I get that home cooked meal you offered me ?

    25. Tim V says:

      ps i LOVE meat

    26. Tim says:

      Come on down South out of that frozen wasteland, Tim V. Supper’s on me, anytime!

    27. Tim V says:

      yum. i will save some venison for lisab 🙂

    28. Wes says:

      Don’t tell Lisa that, Tim V. She despises the whole concept of meat. I think someone must have tried to strangle her with a london broil when she was a kid. No sane person can have that much anitpathy toward an entire food group barring a bad experience in the past.

    29. Furrier says:


      Congrats. The Redskins, now that they’ve achieved “7-7”, are officially mediocre. :).

    30. MBT says:

      Furrier – and we’re loving the position of mediocre! Much better than the Ravens are right now! 8)

    31. MBT says:

      Did you hear about the guy who is suing the Ravens? He is suing them for false advertising, for calling themselves a FOTTBALL TEAM! 🙂

      happy dance… happy dance…

      Where are you DUKE!!!?

    32. MBT says:

      ..make that a PROFESSIONAL FOOTBALL TEAM! 🙂

      more dancing here….

    33. Darrell says:

      Rasmussen out with a new SC poll for the GOP primary. Taken 12/16 – 724 likely GOP voters

      Mike Huckabee 23%
      Mitt Romney 23%
      Fred Thompson 12%
      John McCain 12%
      Rudy Giuliani 11%
      Ron Paul 5%

    34. Redneckman says:

      I can’t believe Giuliani’s continued freefall. It looks like the Florida firewall strategy will be put to the ultimate test. Looking more and more like Romney has the momentum back.

    35. lisab says:

      “Tim V:
      Surrender? Never! I ain’t France. LOL”

      that is true … the french have class

    36. lisab says:

      “She despises the whole concept of meat.” …

      don’t know where you get that …i am a vegetarian … i simply choose not to eat meat.

      that you wish to clog your heart with the undigested fat of rotting animal carcasses … is your affair

      the only one i actually have converted is my hubby, and that was a condition of dating. i simply wouldn’t date a carnivore.

      they smell bad … and i don’t think people should date people that smell bad

    37. Daniel G. says:

      Romney will only have the momentum back if he can reduce the margin in Iowa.

    38. mnw says:

      My second-worst nightmare is that the GOP race will finally come down to Huckabee or McCain.

      My worst nighmare is that I might have to vote for one of those azaleas myself, to save America from the leftwing nitwits.

    39. lisab says:

      hillary is getting in trouble …

      she is on drudge again today … i guess rush limbaugh made fun of her? … in any case her picture is just awful


      and now people are making fun of her cackle on youtube


      say hello to president obama if this keeps up

    40. lisab says:

      oh and why is it better if the chicago bears lose tonight?

      everyone here thinks that winning is actually bad for them?

    41. Bitterlaw says:

      lisab – If the Bears lose, the Vikings are almost guaranteed to be in the playoffs. For the Bears, losing gives them a higher draft pick in April 2008. While I can’t believe that I am saying this, Go Bears (a Vikings’ win eliminates the Eagles from their very slim playoff dream).

    42. jones says:

      It is always better if the Bears lose. It is a proof of G-d’s nature. Losers lose. All things in order.

    43. Wes says:

      Someone who eats kimshi–or however the hell it’s spelled–says carnivores stink? As the Doors said, “People are strange…”