CA Election Results

    Explore Howard has the raw numbers for the competitive races in teh Columbia Association races for the Columbia Council and Wilde Lake Village Board.

    Wilde Lake
    Phillip Kirsch 308
    Linda Odum 298

    Hickory Ridge
    Gregg Schwind 135
    Sharlene Ferguson 115

    Long Reach
    Russell Swatek 301
    James Howard 164

    Dorsey’s Search
    Kathleen Dragovich 101
    Dan Woodruff 78

    Wilde Lake Village Board (Top 5 win)
    Nancy Alexander 454
    Helen Kolbe 430
    Edwin Sroka 400
    Vincent Marando 392
    Bill Santos 381
    Terry Kuhn 341

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    6 Responses to “CA Election Results”

    1. bonncaruso says:

      WAPO poll:

      Obama at 69% appoval, 36% among republicans.

      His standing among republicans is similar to Bush, Jr’s standing among democrats in his first 100 days.

      No sign of decay for Obama. The nation is behind him.

    2. bonncaruso says:

      WAPO poll, party identification:

      GOP: 21%

    3. bonncaruso says:

      WAPO poll:

      “34. Do you think Obama’s views on most issues are too (liberal) for you, too (conservative) for you, or just about right?”

      Too Too About No
      liberal conservative right opinion
      33 4 62 2

      62% say “about right”. So much for left-wing extremist junk.

    4. bonncaruso says:

      WAPO, complete party identification:

      DEM: 35
      GOP: 21
      IND: 38

      margin: DEM +14

      At the same time, views:

      liberal: 23
      moderate: 39
      conservative: 35
      other: 2
      no answer: 2

      So, 35% of respondents see themselves as conservatives, but only 21% see themselves as republicans. The GOP has a major problem. If other polls from other pollsters start showing similar results, then this means that the GOP has not yet bottomed out.

      Ditch Limbaugh, ditch Coulter, ditch Beck and your party has a chance of re-gaining again. Otherwise, get ready to become a regional party, for the train is leaving the station and the GOP isn’t even on the platform.

    5. marga says:

      Несовсем то. Где об этом почитать еще? Ктонибудь скажет может?

    6. bonncaruso says:

      5.: Maladjetz!