AL: Gubernatorial Race Results

    Public Policy Polling has new numbers out for the gubernatorial race in Alabama and it gives mixed results for the parties.


    Bradley Byrne (R) 39%
    Artur Davis (D) 35%

    Artur Davis (D) 37%
    Tim James (R) 35%

    Artur Davis (D) 39%
    Kay Ivey (R) 31%

    Artur Davis (D) 41%
    Roy Moore (R) 38%

    Bradley Byrne (R) 41%
    Ron Sparks (D) 27%

    Ron Sparks (D) 32%
    Tim James (R) 32%

    Ron Sparks (D) 33%
    Kay Ivey (R) 29%

    Roy Moore (R) 38%
    Ron Sparks (D) 36%

    Other than Davis, Byrne and Moore, I don’t have the foggiest idea who any of these people are and am too lazy to look it up. This poll was done June 2-5 among 667 registered voters.

    By the way, the PPP blog claims “We’re going to be putting out a pretty stunning poll on a Midwestern Governor up for reelection next year early next week.” I’m curious who it may be….

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    1. Erich Heyssel says:

      James, is son of the former Governor
      Ivey, is the State Treasurer
      Sparks, is the State Agriculture Secretary

    2. Eph_Rove says:


    3. SE-779 says:

      GO MOORE!!!

    4. Tim says:

      Go Moore????


    5. JulStol says:

      Go Moore!!


      Sorry Tim.

    6. Ray J Tuleya says:

      Too soon to be worried about this seat. It’s just a matter of positioning for the primary and fundraising right now.

    7. Sparks was the son of the head grit grinder in Tallapoosa county.

    8. lisab says:

      the money supply picture in the last thread was scary …

      it basically means that if … by some miracle … people get confident and start buying stuff …

      inflation will soar

      it may anyway

    9. lisab says:

      it is a good thing obama has saved a gabzillion jobs

    10. Just to switch gears for a second. Re David Letterman last night on his show making a “joke” about Palin’s 14 year old daughter getting knocked up. He is slowly trying to backpeddle apparently without, of course, actually apologizing. Supposedly, tonight he will invite her on his show.

      My thought: Palin should make history and a big ass splash by going on the show and slapping his face in front of millions.

      That would be an ideal move.

    11. Howard Dean 1/20/13 says:

      She should book and then never show up.

    12. Tony says:

      Better she not show up but tell him why–

      Becaue she would probably end up slapping that stupid smile off his face.

    13. maelstrom says:

      Midwest States with election in 2010:

      Illinois, Iowa, Kansas, Minnesota, Nebraska, Ohio, Oklahoma, South Dakota, Tennessee, Wisconsin

    14. lisab says:

      oh come on … i am sure david letterman talks about obama’s daughters being raped all the time

    15. lisab says:

      the economy is in extremely rough shape right now …

      i bet gas prices are heading to $3.00+ in the next 30 days (july 4th).

      that will spark inflation, and with the money supply being so high … it will just get out of control

    16. aaron_in_tx says:

      People here sure do get testy about some stupid comments by a comedian about Palin. Comedians are bound to say offensive things, get over it. Letterman’s show is not even that popular.

      Of course, you have no problem with what Hannity or Limbaugh say about Obama, because they speak the truth and do what they do for the greater good, not entertainment value.

    17. lisab says:

      about palin is ok

      about palin’s daughter …

      not ok

    18. lisab says:

      although the slutty stewardess comment was not ok too

    19. lisab says:

      from yesterday

      obama may be president, but he sure likes to reward his friends.

      GM took money from the taxpayers given to them by obama


      gave 2 BILLION dollars of it to parnassus holdings to buy delphi autoparts … GM’s biggest supplier

      guess who donated TWICE to obama’s campaign?



    20. lisab says:

      Concerns about the growth of government borrowing forced the US Treasury to give investors in an auction of $19bn in 10-year notes a yield of 3.99 per cent – 4 basis points higher than the yield available before the auction. That constituted the biggest yield markup since a 10-year auction in May 2003, said Morgan Stanley. Yields on the 10-year note, the benchmark rate for US mortgages, hit a high of 4 per cent during the day, up from 3.6 per cent a week ago.

    21. lisab says:

      Two passengers with names linked to Islamic terrorism were on the Air France flight which crashed with the loss of 228 lives, it has emerged.

      French secret servicemen established the connection while working through the list of those who boarded the doomed Airbus in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, on May 31.

    22. lisab says:

      Underscoring the severity of California’s cash crisis, Controller John Chiang, who has previously warned the state’s government risks running out of cash without a budget deal, said revenues in May fell by $1.14 billon, or 17.7 percent, from a year earlier.

    23. Phil says:

      Aaron, it wasn’t the stupidity of Letterman’s joke. It was his target and crudeness.

      But you knew that.

      Limbaugh and Hannity don’t go after Obama’s children with crude sex jokes. But you knew that too.

    24. aaron_in_tx says:

      “Palin should make history and a big ass splash by going on the show and slapping his face in front of millions.”

      I doubt that. Palin does not handle media pressure well. Letterman can be pretty brutal if he wants. He had Bill O’Reilly on the show once and put him on the defensive. I found that surprising since O’Reilly is a seasoned performer himself. I think Bill came on expecting jokes and got attacks instead.

      But in the end they do what will get them ratings and Palin is a ratings-booster. I’d love to see her on the show. But she would probably be better served by exploiting the comment and trying to occupy the high ground.

    25. aaron_in_tx says:

      Personally I think Palin should dismiss Letterman as the irrelevant comedian he is, but she seems to hold grudges against the media for not liking her. She was obsessed about that $150,000 clothes story.

    26. Phil says:

      Yeah, that’s why the Palin’s went back at Letterman – because she holds grudges against the media.

      Give it up on this one Aaron.

    27. Aaron go aint getting it. If she slaps him in the face, she brings the controversy to the watercooler and women of all ages would side with her, except for feminist liberal hags. Its a solid move. It would surprise him, shock the world, and raise her stock. It would go viral. No bad could possibly come of it. All gain.

    28. Inflation and oil and all that lisab mentioned above is going to be the Undercovuh Bruthuhs unraveling. It will be fun to watch. The tide is a turnin’! A tidal wave is coming, one good domino is all it takes.

    29. Phil says:

      Climate Talks between the US and China break down.

      What a surprise. Why should China agree to anything? Let Barry institute cap and trade unilaterally while they reap the economic advantages.

      China is just practicing the first rule of politics. If your enemy is bent on destroying itself – get out of the way and let them do it. LOL

    30. lisab says:

      speaking of the 150,000 clothes …

      why isn’t michelle wearing the $500 sneakers to a homeless shelter being played over and over

    31. My wife and I have climate talks all the time that break down. She likes it hot. I like it cold.

    32. Over at Hot Air, someone said Michelle looks like James Brown in drag. Hard to disagree, but I love James Brown and in a way that hurt my feelings.

    33. lisab says:

      “someone said Michelle looks like James Brown in drag.”

      i have seen her called “wookie”

      not by letterman on national tv though

    34. Phil says:

      Well, well… California came in 827 million under their May tax revenue estimates.

      Hey Barry – better get some of that federal bailout money ready to help your blue state friends on the west coast. Go ahead. I dare ya.

    35. Tommy_Boy says:

      Palin news, read it and weep liberals….you are guys are about to eat crow about the Palin pipeline.

      TransCanada-Exxon deal?

      Exxon may join gas line deal

      Exxon Mobil enters talks to help build Alaska gas pipeline

    36. Tommy_Boy says:

      Palin says she’ll have big gas line news next week

      Any comments Chek?

    37. lisab says:


      “WASHINGTON – The Federal Reserve threatened to force the ouster of Bank of America CEO Kenneth Lewis if he didn’t follow through with plans to buy Merrill Lynch & Co., Republicans said Wednesday after reviewing internal documents.”

    38. DrJay says:

      I found these numbers hidden in the June 4th Economist/YouGov poll:

      Which is a bigger threat?
      Big Business 40.7%
      Big Government 59.3%

    39. Eph Rove says:



    40. Eph Rove says:

      Palin’s stock just went way up and all she did was go to a charity event in NY. Wow!!! Her press release about the Letterwoman “jokes” was fantastic.

    41. Eph Rove says:


    42. Eph Rove says:


    43. Eph Rove says:


    44. Eph Rove says:


    45. Eph Rove says:

      WHERE IS THE “NEW” TONE ????????

    46. Eph Rove says:


    47. Eph Rove says:


    48. Eph Rove says:

      I have the answers to all these questions…


      IT’S IN THE BIBLE!!!!!!

    49. Tommy_Boy says:


    50. Michael says:

      Back to the original topic:

      the midwestern poll will be about Strickland and Kasich…with Kasich showing a 1% lead…bank on it…there would be no more shocking scenario…Culver is dead (30% approval), Pawlenty isn’t running and the field isn’t clear, Doyle is probably dead with approval below 40%, Granholm won’t run and Dick DeVos isn’t either, Daniels just was reelected…maybe Illinois but who knows…

    51. aaron_in_tx says:

      “If she slaps him in the face, she brings the controversy to the watercooler and women of all ages would side with her,”

      Letterman would in all likelihood try to be nice. In any case, I doubt she has the skill to pull off such a coup on his own show. He’s got a lot of experience on her.

      Most likely it would make her more of a laughing stock than she already is. You people seem to think she can handle herself in a hostile interview situation. She can’t; she shies away when even relatively easy questions are asked.

      Just look at her performance here. She basically repeats herself 3-4 times. The best part is at the end (6:20) when she’s so visibly uncomfortable after 3 questions that Rick Perry has to put a stop to it and pull her back to the podium. a question you don’t know or redirecting an answer to your preferred talking point is basic political skill that she doesn’t have.

      She fires up the base but her credibility is sorely lacking to a majority of people. People watch her to see if she says something awkward.

    52. Tommy_Boy says:


      CNN has her favorables/unfavorables at 46/43, so which poll are you using to provide support for your assertion that “her credibility is sorely lacking to a majority of people.”

      That’s old video….listen to this clip taking questions from callers recently on policy-oriented questions (I disagree with the Law of Sea answer).

    53. aaron_in_tx says:

      re 54

      I mostly refer to the 2008 exit polls qualifications question. Favorability & credibility are two different things.

      What is interesting is that favorable numbers like 46/43 look very similar to Hillary Clinton’s early in the campaign, which was seen as a big liability. A lot of people have clearly made up their mind that they don’t like Sarah.

      Your link proved to me that she knows about some oil & gas issues pertinent to Alaska, particularly the pipeline. That was always her baby. As a consequence, she sees environmental issues from that perspective. Her broader knowledge was not really on display, and it seemed to me that the callers and the host were more specific and knowledgeable than her on several things. She restated the question instead of giving a direct answer at least twice, particularly the “open season” issue.

    54. Tommy_Boy says:

      Politicians don’t always give “direct answers” and thus restating a question and changing the question is a good political tactic when you don’t want to express disagreement with the questioner but look for some common ground on your terms. Strikes me as her being politically astute.

      Check out the links at 37 and 38 and tell me if Obama ever produced something of comparable weight and accomplishment during his political career.

      Also, only 50% of the electorate considered Obama to be qualified for president according to exit polls, an extremely low number.

    55. Bill H says:

      Stunning poll on a midwestern governor? I am betting it is Chet Culver in Iowa. his approval ratings have slipped. He is also one of only about three that will run for releection.

    56. Frank says:


      I hope that all is well.

      If and when you have the opportunity, may I have the exact values for Rasmussen since June 7th, with crosstabs along with the Right/Wrong track for the same days.

      If I may also have Obama on the Economy for the weeks of 5/26-27 and 6/1-2 along with Obama on National Security.

      Obama as a Leader for 6/3-4, if possible, as well.

      The generic ballot for the weeks of 5/25-31 and 6/1-7 too.

      Lastly, only the overall for Issues … Abortion only. I want to know who really is leading (albeit slightly). If the republicans have the advantage, then they are favored in 7 of the 10 categories.

      I hate to burden you with such triviality but it will help update my spreadsheets and create a more accurate Generic Ballot and 30 day averages.

      Thank you very much


    57. MDefl says:


      You are clueless! O’Reilly actually got Letterman to admit that he does not know “facts”. He was anything but defensive.

      Again, you are often wrong but never in doubt.

    58. MDefl says:


      I guess Bush should go after Gore for court costs from 2000.

    59. Tim says:

      Good one, Mike! LOL

    60. Lars says:

      Another governor in trouble is Wisconsin’s Steve Doyle. His approval ratings have plummeted into the 30’s. Another possible democratic canditate is Lt. governor Barbara Lawton. This wingnut says the most important problem facing WI is global warming. WI is ripe for a Republican pick-up in 2010.

    61. Tim V says:

      A government report released Friday showed that 2.9 million jobs have been lost so far in 2009 and the unemployment rate now stands at 9.4%, its highest level in 26 years.

    62. knova_red says:

      65-But Tim, think of the 150,000 jobs that have been “saved”

    63. Howard Dean 1/20/13 says:

      Mortgage rates hit 6-month high

      By Holden Lewis •

      Mortgage rates have soared to their highest this year. Refinancers have slammed on the brakes because of the abrupt rise, and borrowers soon might shift into adjustable-rate mortgages.

    64. Howard Dean 1/20/13 says:

      But as layoffs, rather than risky mortgages, become the main reason that borrowers default on their home loans, foreclosures likely will remain elevated this year and into 2010. Many economists expect unemployment, now at 9.4 percent nationwide, to rise as high as 10 percent, and some project it will exceed the post-World War II record of 10.8 percent.


    65. MDefl says:


      I guarantee that we will exceed 10.8%, probably within 4 months. The only thing that may slow it down is the part-time hiring of seasonal workers. This is NOT a result of porkulous but is what happens every summer.

      12% by next June – then it MAY get a little better unless inflation and high rates completely crush the economy.

      Watch China – if the sell even 10% of their treasury position, all hell is going to break loose.

    66. david says:

      R’s will hold this seat. enough said.

    67. Chekote says:

      Who cares about Letterman? He made his usual bad taste joke. Also, he was referring to Bristol. He said nothing about rape. More Palin drama. That’s all she creates: Drama. Too bad that it is not about policy. It is always about something worthy of the E! Channel.

    68. Chekote says:

      Mortgage rates have soared to their highest this year. Refinancers have slammed on the brakes because of the abrupt rise, and borrowers soon might shift into adjustable-rate mortgages.

      Cycle begins again.

    69. Tommy_Boy says:

      Rasmussen has Deeds up 47-41.

    70. Tommy_Boy says:

      Deeds’ favorables are almost at 60% while McDonnell is at 52%.

      Obama is 52/46 in Virginia and that’s with 23% of Republicans supporting him.

    71. MDefl says:


      She didn’t make the comments!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! How the heck could she have created the drama? She didn’t call herself a slut. She didn’t say that her 14 year old daughter was having sex with Arod. All she said was that he is pathetic or maybe she used another word. So what? He is. End of story. It is MSNBC, who basically ignored Letterman’s comments while trying to play up her 1 word answer.

      Sigh. You wonder why many here don’t like you. Read your idiotic post above and wonder no more. That is pretty much my breaking point with you. Others can engage you. I am issuing my own 2.111.

    72. Eph_Rove says:

      75. KOS PLANT ALERT…


    73. Eph_Rove says:

      75. If Palin were a pro-abort you would never hear any of this garbage. Coulter is right, she’s a threat to athiests and liberal women b/c she’s pro-life and pro-gun.

    74. Eph_Rove says:

      “You wonder why many here don’t like you. Read your idiotic post above and wonder no more.”

      YUP! I was wondering when such a slanderous statement would be turned against her by the pro-aborts on the HHR. That didn’t take long!

    75. Eph_Rove says:


      Foreclosures Third Highest on Record in May

      ShareThis| Respond to Editor | Print
      Reuters NEW YORK–

      U.S. foreclosure activity for May ebbed from April’s record, but mortgages still failed at a staggering pace as President Barack Obama’s rescue programs had not had time to fully take root, RealtyTrac said on Thursday.

      Foreclosure filings dipped 6% in the month but increased 18% from May 2008, marking the third highest month on record.

    76. Tim says:

      Wouldn’t that probably just be a post-election bump?

    77. Chekote says:

      I couldn’t care less if people like me or don’t. These personality constests belong among children not adults.

    78. Eph_Rove says:


      you should have seen Ann Coulter on Hannity last night regarding the Palin attacks. She was awesome.

    79. Chekote says:

      When Shuster accused Hillary of “pimping” Chelsea (and he was serious) did the Right get all in an uproar about it? Did they fly off the handle and accuse Shuster of calling Chelsea a whore? I can’t recall….

    80. knova_red says:

      75,76. You know Chek, I have generally agreed with you more than I have disagreed. Given your statements about blaming Operation Rescue for Tillar’s murder and thinking that Letterman has the right to bring a minor into his comedy routine, is tartiong to make me question your motives. Having two daughters, I can tell you that if Letterman or anyone else said that type of thing while referencing them, that person would get more than a verbal rejoinder or slap. You obviously have no children and you are wrong on this one.

      I can’t believe that I am agreeing with EPH.

    81. Darrell says:

      Ouch. Shep Smith on Fox is not a nice guy…

      …he mocked for asking about Obama’s birth certificate, so they took their revenge on him by reminding everyone that Smith ran a woman over for a parking space, then cussed her out as she lay injured on the pavement, and then later was shocked when he was arrested.

    82. Eph_Rove says:

      Listening to Rush today. He’s going to be great.

    83. Eph_Rove says:

      85. BACK TO KOS !!!!

    84. knova_red says:

      90-for agreeing with you? That is pretty harsh.

    85. theoneandonlyfinn says:

      Funny, when Reagan was President, Democrats screamed about the “ballooning” deficit. When Bush II was prez, same thing.
      But not a peep out of them when Obama’s administration admits we will be running deficits of $1 trillion for the next two years, and $500-$900 billion for the next eight after that.
      We will be owe more money in the next two years than we did under BOTH Reagan and Bush combined. Inflation/high taxation/default on government programs heeeeere we come!

    86. Chekote says:

      you should have seen Ann Coulter

      You mean the same Ann Coulter who said this about Bristol when interviewed by Behar on CNN?

      JOY BEHAR: And, also, what do you think about Bristol Palin? She’s a single mother…

      ANN COULTER: I think she should give the child up for adoption or marry the father. I mean I say in that — I sell — I think the people who should be revered aren’t the baby mommas, they are the people who have shotgun marriages. Apparently a lot of those shotgun marriages worked out because they used to have them a lot and the divorce rate was lower.

    87. Eph_Rove says:


      I meant cheesecloth went back to KOS. Once her “allies” start to turn on her she runs back to KOS for more talking point. Sorry for the confusion. Eph

    88. Darrell says:

      I wonder what THEM JEWS are up to today?

    89. Chekote says:


    90. Eph_Rove says:

      97. This JEW is listening to Rush in 1 hour and 17 minutes!!!!

    91. Eph_Rove says:

      Where is TimV these days?

    92. Darrell says:

      99…I thought you would be busy again today preventing Obama from speaking to Wright?

    93. Tommy_Boy says:

      More news on the Pipeline that will help our nation’s energy costs:

      Palin mum on possible pipeline partnership

      There are very few governors that can claim a success of similar scope or character in their time in government.

    94. Eph_Rove says:

      101. D, Why would I do that? Let them speak all they want.

      DRIP DRIP DRIP !!!

    95. Eph_Rove says:

      102. Great stuff TB.

    96. Chekote says:

      Sorry but you send your teenage mother daughter on the Today Show to talk about her personal life. When you send her out there to be a spokesperson for teenage pregnancy, you paint a target on her back. It was a bad taste joke. Letterman admit it. Move on.

    97. knova_red says:

      105-The reason why you will never have kids of your own. Shame that you are so right on freedom and economics and so wrong on this one. Letterman is a coward, get over it and move on.

    98. Eph_Rove says:

      “Shame that you are so right on freedom and economics ”



    99. knova_red says:

      107-she is right on economics and freedom. She is wrong on this.

    100. Eph_Rove says:


      Ann Coulter is right – for some reason it drives the (anti-american) left nuts !!!!

    101. Tommy_Boy says:

      Notice how Chek hasn’t addressed any of the links I provided about Palin sealing the deal on what of the most complicated projects any governor has undertaken.

    102. Darrell says:

      103…I know that YOU would never want to keep Wright and Obama apart, proving that Wright doesn’t know “THEM JEWS” like he thinks he does.

    103. Chekote says:

      Shame that you are so right on freedom and economics and so wrong on this one.

      How am I wrong? What are you suggesting that we arrest Letterman for making a joke in bad taste? So according to you, Operation Rescue who gave Tiller’s killer information so that he could track his victim has no culpability but let’s prosecute a comedian for a tasteless joke. This is insane.

    104. Eph_Rove says:

      108. You see that is the trick. She gets you to believe her on everything else but social issues. That’s her way of breaking apart the GOP. It’s quite KOSian in nature. You see it’s more effective to be pretent to be a RINO than a far left loon.

    105. Eph_Rove says:

      110. hahahahahhahahahahahahahahahaha

    106. knova_red says:

      112-you have truly jumped the shark. Who said anything about arresting Letterman?

    107. Eph_Rove says:

      Washington, DC ( — The House of Representatives on Wednesday approved a State Department funding bill that allows President Barack Obama to promote an international right to abortion. The vote came after House Democrats adopted rules for debate on the bill preventing a pro-life amendment stopping it.

      Despite objections from several leading pro-life groups, the House voted for the Foreign Affairs Reauthorization Act (HR 2410) 235-187 and the measure now moves to the Senate for consideration.

      The vote saw most Republicans and a handful of Democrats side with pro-life organizations against the bill and most Democrats and a handful of Republicans supporting it.

    108. Eph_Rove says:

      115. hahahahahahahaha

    109. KeyBored says:

      Letterman made no rape reference and was was referring to Bristol not the younger daughter, so Chekote is correct. I’m sure the video is up on YouTube somewhere. Chekote is also correct that fairly or unfairly Palin is all about drama, and her drama is great fodder for late-night comedians and TV entertainment shows.

      Don’t forget that Palin dragged her pregnant daughter and hapless boyfriend to many political events including the RNC. The message to conservatives was clear, Palin doesn’t believe in abortion – not even for her pregnant teenager who’s going to marry her boyfriend and live happily ever after.

      The message to the rest of the country was that Palin was exploiting her daughter for political gain. I’ll add that it also showed that comprehensive sex education is far better than the abstinence only education supported by Palin.


    110. knova_red says:

      113-EPH, I am fully capable of making my own judgments and decisions without following Check. I have managed to offend everyone here at one time or another, so I would say I am pretty independent.

    111. Eph_Rove says:

      Philadelphia, PA ( — An abortion business in Pennsylvania is drawing criticism or giving away free abortions on Tuesday in honor of slain late-term abortion practitioner George Tiller. The Philadelphia Women’s Center said the free abortions were meant to show appreciation for Tiller, who was allegedly killed by extremist gunman Scott Roeder.

      Town Hall columnist Jillian Bandes said a staff member at the abortion center said an unspecified number of free abortions were done yesterday for Tiller’s “memory and legacy.”

      However, by the end of the day, the center stopped doing free abortions and indicated it wouldn’t likely do it again.

    112. Eph_Rove says:

      Wichita, KS ( — The pro-life group Operation Rescue, based in the same central Kansas city where George Tiller ran his late-term abortion practice, is considering purchasing his abortion center now that it has closed down. OR president Troy Newman’s comments come after Tiller’s family said it would close the abortion facility.

    113. Darrell says:

      Rush is on fire today.

    114. Eph_Rove says:

      122. 35 minutes- dont ruin it bro!!!

    115. Eph_Rove says:

      110. TB, We are still waiting!!! LOL

    116. Eph_Rove says:

      20 minutes to go!!!

    117. MDefl says:


      Chekote – OK – personal 2.111 off for a moment. Your are a moron!!!! Chelsea Clinton was a 27 year old woman talking about issues and actively campaigning for her mother. Palin’s daughter is 14 years old. Again, moron – Palin didn’t say those things. Your beloved Letterman did.

      I apologize to all morons to comparing you to Chekote.

    118. MDefl says:


      YOU brought this up and now you can’t handle the truth. God, you are truly pathetic. Please become a Democrat!!!!!

    119. Eph_Rove says:

      “Please become a Democrat!!!!!”

      Already is bro

    120. AB says:

      What about Charles Barkley?