ND: Hoeven Leads Dorgan By 17%

    Supposedly there is a new poll out from Public Opinion Strategies claiming North Dakota Governor would handily defeat sitting Democratic US Senator Byron Dorgan .

    US SENATE – NORTH DAKOTA (Public Opinion Strategies)
    John Hoeven (R) 53%
    Byron Dorgan (D-inc) 36%

    Of course, John Hoeven has made absolutely no announcement that he is running and this poll has to be taken with a grain a salt since it was paid for by the National Republican Senatorial Committee. The article also points out that this contradicts a poll earlier this year form the liberal website Daily Kos showing Dorgan ahead of Hoeven by 22%.

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    11 Responses to “ND: Hoeven Leads Dorgan By 17%”

    1. Tim V says:


    2. Diogenes says:

      Given how bad things are becoming, blue-dogs should be very vulnerable. Being attached to Bush killed at least 3 senators in what should have been safe races in 2006. That was only because of Iraq and with a stellar economy.

      Now with the economy in the dumps and no end in site anyone in the ruling party is very vulnerable.

    3. House Sparrow says:

      If Hoeven decides to run, this seat goes red. I’m not certain that the margin would be quite this much, but I would expect high single digits.

      Of course, with the Dems slowly but surely setting themselves up for an electoral beating, it could end up being a blowout. With a national anti-Democrat sentiment building, Dems in red states have the most to worry about.

    4. Albert McDougal says:

      Blood in the water

    5. House Sparrow says:

      Blood in the water, indeed. Strong GOP challengers are going to start coming out of the woodwork. Dems are now in deep trouble in CT and ND, with PA, IL, CO and DE all in increasing jeopardy. NV will also be in play, as Reid’s approval numbers are Corzine-esque.

      The only GOP seats that still really concern me are OH and MO, but they’re looking better. The economy will kill the Dems in Ohio, and even McCain won Missouri. KY and FL are safe with Bunning out and Crist cruising.

    6. Olawakandi says:

      Bennet, dodd, dorgan have the most to lose now

    7. Howard Dean 1/20/13 says:

      Dorgan OUGHT to be nervous about the health care vote.

      Run Hoeven, RUN!

    8. Gary Maxwell says:

      A KOS paid for poll showing the Democrat way ahead, wow I did not see that one coming.

      Hoeven is a very popular Red state Governor, of course he would win if he ran. Dorgan is a cipher.

    9. Olawakandi says:

      Reporters said that 12 would be the year gop would gain seats. As it stands now dem are going to net lose 2. Nh going dem

    10. Mose says:

      Put not your faith in partisan polls (whether R or D), lest ye be lead into error. Both Gov. Hoeven and Sen. Dorgan have consistently shown very high net approval ratings in North Dakota. I hope a non-partisan polling outfit takes the opportunity presented by these two conflicting polls to go out in the field and see what the story is. I would love to see this seat in play in 2010.

    11. MikeKS (Palin 2012) says:

      We badly need a good candidate in Colorado and Nevada. Those are huge pickup chances.