The Incredibly Shrinking Newspaper

    So my Columbia Flier was sitting on my sidewalk leading to my house this afternoon and as I picked it up, I noticed it seemed heavier than it has been recently. My first thought was it must be a heavy news week in Howard County and Columbia Now the point of this post has probably been going on for a while, but it seemed more noticeable than usual today As always, the middle of the Columbia Flier was filled with inserts as normal.

    I started to pull them out and then realized how many inserts were included compared to the actual thickness of the newspaper itself. By the time I pull everything out that was not part of the newspaper, there was barely anything left. Laying them side by side, the difference was stark.

    Now I am not criticizing Patuxent Publishing for the inserts, clearly they need to make money and the inserts are one way of doing it. But it would be nice if the actual paper could actually compete in quantity with the number of inserts that are stuck in it. I know, I am just complaining for no reason, but I miss those days when the Flier would approach eighty and ninety pages easily and it could take a couple of days to get completely through it. Now, I can read The Columbia Flier in about twenty minutes and have it in the trash before I eat dinner.

    The demise of newspapers continues….

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    1. Justin says:

      The Flier is just a shell of what it once was.