January 26, 2022

    Walker Tops Warnock By 1% in GA, Kemp Better Against Abrams Than Perdue

    Could have today’s poll from Quinnipiac University showing Republican Herschel Walker ahead of Democrat Raphael Warnock in the state of Georgia and giving Republicans a lead in a pickup opportunity in the US Senate and costing Democrats their majority been the impetus for Steve Breyer to announce his retirement today?

    US SENATE – GEORGIA (Quinnipiac)
    Herschel Walker (R) 49%
    Raphael Warnock (D-inc) 48%

    GOVERNOR – GEORGIA (Quinnipiac)
    Brian Kemp (R-inc) 49%
    Stacey Abrams (D) 47%

    David Perdue (R) 48%
    Stacey Abrams (D) 48%

    This poll was done January 19-24 among 1092 registered voters.

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    January 22, 2022

    Trump Leads Biden By 5%, Harris By 11%, Clinton By 10%

    Earlier in the week, McLaughlin and Associates released a new poll for the 2024 Presidential Election with Donald Trump as the Republican nominee and it shows Trump would beat Joe Biden, Kamala Harris and Hillary Clinton.

    Donald Trump (R) 49%
    Joe Biden (D-inc) 44%

    Donald Trump (R) 51%
    Kamala Harris (D) 40%

    Donald Trump (R) 51%
    Hillary Clinton (D) 41%

    This poll was done January 13-18 among 1,000 likely voters.

    January 17, 2022

    Republicans Lead Democrats in Party Self-Identification

    The Election Year is upon is and we have new numbers from Gallup that show the great position Republicans seem to be in heading into the year as Republicans now hold a 5% lead over Democrats in self identification. This chart from the Gallup article shows just how much things have changed since the start of the year.

    The above table was based on a the quarterly average, but one bright spot from the article for Democrats is this paragraph:

    The GOP advantage may be starting to ease, however, as Gallup’s latest monthly estimate, from December, showed the two parties about even — 46% Republican/Republican leaning and 44% Democratic/Democratic leaning.

    January 9, 2022

    Open Thread 2022

    We are in an election year now so things should pick up around here soon…just not today….

    December 25, 2021

    Merry Christmas

    Merry Christmas…here’s a new thread for the holiday!

    December 10, 2021

    Trump Leads Both Biden and Harris By 4% Nationally

    In the interest of getting a new thread going, we have another national poll that shows Donald Trump could win another term as President should he run and go up against the current President or Vice President. This poll comes from Redfield & Wilton Strategies.

    PRESIDENT – NATIONAL (Redfield & Wilton Strategies)
    Donald Trump (R) 42%
    Joe Biden (D-inc) 38%

    Donald Trump (R) 42%
    Kamala Harris (D) 38%

    This poll was done December 5th among 1148 likely voters.

    November 24, 2021

    Trump Dominates Biden Nationally By 13%, Leads in AZ, GA, MI, PA and WI

    Need something to talk about at your Thanksgiving dinner tomorrow? We have a new national poll and a poll of five swing states that shows Donald Trump could easily win another term in 2024. The national poll from Rasmussen Reports shows Donald Trump with a 13% lead over Joe Biden in a rematch of 2020 while a new memo from Fabrizio, Lee and Associates has Trump ahead of Biden in the states of Arizona, Georgia, Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin.

    PRESIDENT – NATIONAL (Rasmussen Reports)
    Donald Trump (R) 45%
    Joe Biden (D-inc) 32%

    PRESIDENT – ARIZONA (Fabrizio Lee)
    Donald Trump (R) 51%
    Joe Biden (D-inc) 43%

    PRESIDENT – GEORGIA (Fabrizio Lee)
    Donald Trump (R) 48%
    Joe Biden (D-inc) 45%

    PRESIDENT – MICHIGAN (Fabrizio Lee)
    Donald Trump (R) 53%
    Joe Biden (D-inc) 41%

    Donald Trump (R) 51%
    Joe Biden (D-inc) 45%

    PRESIDENT – WISCONSIN (Fabrizio Lee)
    Donald Trump (R) 52%
    Joe Biden (D-inc) 42%

    The Rasmussen poll was done November 22-23 among 1200 likely voters. The state polls were all done November 11-16 among 600 likely voters in each state.

    November 19, 2021

    Trump Leads Biden By 5% and Harris By 8% in 2024

    We have a new poll from McLaughlin and Associates that shows Donald Trump would regain whether he takes on Joe Biden or Kamala Harris in 2024.

    Donald Trump (R) 49%
    Joe Biden (D) 44%

    Donald Trump (R) 50%
    Kamala Harris (D) 42%

    This poll was done November 11-16 among 1000 likely voters.

    November 14, 2021

    ABC News and Washington Post Show GOP By Double Digits on Dems

    The headline highlights Joe Biden’s sinking job approval ratings but the most stark number from this morning’s ABC News-Washington Post poll shows Republicans now holding a double-digit lead when it comes to the generic congressional ballot, an all-time high.

    Republican 51%
    Democratic 41%

    This poll was done November 7-10 among registered voters. It is also worth pointing out that in the final Washington Post poll for the recently completed Virginia gubernatorial race, they claimed Democrat Terry McAuliffe was ahead only to see him lose by 2%, a three-percentage point swing towards the GOP candidate.

    November 7, 2021

    Trump Leads Biden By 4%, GOP Leads Dems By 8% for 2022

    We have a second public national poll since the huge Republican victory in Virginia last Tuesday that shows Donald Trump with a lead over Joe Biden. The latest poll from Suffolk University and USA Today has Trump up by 4% over Biden. Even more scary for Democrats the generic congressional ballot now has Republicans with an 8% edge over Democrats in 2022.

    Donald Trump (R) 44%
    Joe Biden (D-inc) 40%

    Republican 46%
    Democratic 38%

    This poll was done November 3-5 among 1000 registered voters.